Most 7 Frequent Questions

Victor Koch

Recently, I received too many emails that I had to spend almost 4 hours to sort them. I have already answered 25% of them, but a significant part remained unanswered. For this reason or another, I decided to collect the most popular questions and answer them in one post.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble:

  • Is it true that you learned programming at the age of 7?

Yes. Correct. Basic, Delphi and then C++. This is the way

  • What projects do you think were the most interesting?

I’ve been lucky enough to influence a dozen startups, but my favorites are only those that were created with my full participation. This does not mean that I’m selfish dude, it just seems to me that I can only talk about products that were created by me or with my full participation. #1 Slinky #2 Stickeroid #3 Teleport

  • A lot of people don’t know that you created a GIF search engine (Slinky) before GIPHY? Do you feel unfair?

Even if the founders of GIPHY were inspired by my work, then this is more of a compliment than anything else. Alex Chung and his partner (Jace Cooke) founded his startup almost 2 years later. I do not exclude that while Alex worked at Google he heard about me, but this is only a hypothesis, and there is no evidence that they copied my idea. Of course, in moments where they claim that they created it first in the world, it looks extremely strange and it’s all. In one way or another, we all did amazing work that changed the world.

  • What is your favorite photo?

Oh lord. I’m not a mag model, although I’ve one :)

Victor Koch 2018
  • What did you spend $$$ on after selling the Slinky?

~65% reinvested and only 20% spent on real estate and the rest were spent on vacation and new experiments. For that period of time, $2 million has made my life so much better. Unfortunately, for 2023, this is not such a significant amount due to inflation.

  • Who founded Teleport with you?

Great question. + attached pic

Bogdan Matveev + Vlad Urazov + Victor Koch
  • What do you think about the future of Snapchat?

I‘ m sure that we are seeing strong changes in social landscape. Meta and Twitter are no teen-longer interesting, so Snapchat has a chance to become a market leader.



Serial entrepreneur, accredited investor, and hedge fund manager. Ex-General Partner of Koch Fund

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Victor Koch

Serial entrepreneur, accredited investor, and hedge fund manager. Ex-General Partner of Koch Fund